GOLDMINE Link: The Japan Forum


I have a new favorite (or tie) link for my ongoing research of Japanese culture/society:

I haven’t actually dug very deeply in the root of the site, but I think the link sits under a high school student site and is aimed at teachers. The mini encyclopedia is way too cool. The photo galleries alone make it priceless because I need to first visualize things before putting anything to text. (I’m sure not all the information is up-to-date to 2006, but it should be darn close.)

Oh, the TJF site also has a searchable photo data bank, which might be quite useful:

Well, I’ll just go back and read some more. I like pretty pictures. ^_^;

Yes, still working on 1.7. Having difficulty dealing with another dialogue tree, so I’m thinking of cutting out a character or two.


*EDIT: Syncope 1.1, 1.2, 1.3

As of 4/24/06, I’ve edited parts of the first three chapters to match the intended time frame with the actual Japanese school calendar. Originally it was set during summer break (about a month long), but I didn’t realize that was already in the middle of their academic year; I wanted it this way so I could get to Natsuki’s birthday, but I guess that won’t happen now. :P Anyway, I set it back to spring break before the new school year, but the timeline has been substantially compressed because the Japanese spring break between academic years is usually only two weeks(!) right before April. Fortunately, the edits weren’t too terrible; there’s a major edit in 1.1 (new paragraph) and just a few tweaked lines in 1.2 and 1.3.

I dislike having to “feed facts by narration spoon,” but I decided it was easier this way to avoid confusion. Oh well. I also suspect many people would never have noticed had I not brought it up. ^^; Too bad! Now I can get started on 1.4 in a few days.

For the record, chapters 1.1-1.5 are supposed to happen within a 24-hour period anyway. O_O (No, really? Yeah, feck.)

P.S.: Thanks to ifuritka for humoring my temporary insanity.

Next chapter: 1.4