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In other news, the California Proposition 8 to ban gay marriage passed, and similar bills passed in I think three other states. That’s really too bad.

I’ve had writer’s block on an important Natsuki/Nao dialogue for a few months now, but I’m going to try to break it down anyway. Grr.



Questioning Gender
An interview with Japan-based psychotherapist Kim Oswalt (2006)

“Kim Oswalt, an American psychotherapist who has been working with transgender clients in Japan for nearly five years, does not view transsexuality as a mental disorder. The very real suffering that Oswalt seeks to relieve is, she says, partly rooted in the client’s social context — in society’s rigid insistence on stable, binary gender role archetypes. Seen in this light, the true disorder becomes the widespread aversion known as transphobia: intolerant attitudes and discriminatory behavior towards transgender people. In many cases, Oswalt says, transgender clients themselves internalize this transphobia, setting up a severe inner conflict.”


I love finding online gold mines…

Meaning information, of course.

I discovered a legitimate and fairly recent website of a university course on Japanese culture. Fascinating stuff.

This, in particular, is very interesting. The date is 1994:

Here’s a counterpart international table from the same site:
(Oh, hey, check out England…)

Of course, the numbers would have more weight if we knew how the studies were actually conducted, but it’s still neat. If only I could find poll data from after 2000.


I found just a little more.

Dated 2000, “In a 1997 survey conducted by a major daily newspaper, about 65 percent of Tokyo residents polled said they did not believe homosexuality was natural…” And there was murder involved somewhere.

Getting the general cultural attitude about same-sex relations accurate is pretty important for the majority of “Syncope” even if I’m not going to show masses of people talking about it. But I’m pretty sure Japan as a whole has never been gay-friendly and still isn’t now when looking at the family units.*

P.S.: Don’t think that the United States is particularly “open” to gays either, as a whole. (Several states and the country itself have pushed forward bills to ban gay marriages, whether successful or not.)

As of a 2007 political election in Japan–

“Only four countries allow same-sex marriage; the Netherlands, Canada, Spain, Belgium, and South Africa. The state of Massachusetts in the US also allows same-sex marriage.” It may be better to read ‘allow’ as ‘recognize’.

*(So why is yaoi popular with Japanese women, anyway? There’s actually a detailed study about that somewhere. And, according to that author, it’s really not what you think.)


Nao’s mom?

Hmm, I don’t think I asked this yet. Is anyone aware of canon information (artbook, drama CD, whatever, official site, etc.) concerning what Nao’s mom did for a living or if she had a job at all?


P.P.S.: Have you ever edited a term book for four authors? I am. Mind you these are other students; I am not impressed with the language quality. “Wow.” I don’t want to be an editor ever. The stress and general annoyance might be insurmountable. ^_^


‘Twas a poll…

Edited 9/19: XD

I finally found a hack that’s supposed to show userpics in the Generator style, so I’m going back to that. Yup! But I’m still playing with it. Such ugly code…

Things to know: One reason why I ended up buying a one-year subscription is to have the comment page styles the same as the front page. This way, I could show the Index links on every page of my Livejournal (in case someone got to a specific entry, in the old style the front page link isn’t that obvious and they couldn’t go directly to a specific section).

I also require “quick reply” functionality, and only a handful of Livejournal styles have this capability: Generator, Unearthed, Tranquility II, The Boxer, Smooth Sailing, Gradient Strip, and Expressive. You can see the style previews here:

The only technical problem with this Generator style is that the width is fixed. I have it set to 1000 pixels, thinking that most people are on 1024. I’m not sure if that scrolls or not, because my resolution is 1280. (To be honest, if you have a lot of horizontal scrolling issues, you REALLY should try out Opera 9. I love my friend forever for that.)

I think I found a hack that forces this style to use a percentage width instead of a hard-coded number (yay!), so it’s set at 90% or something. Hopefully that works a lot better.


Anyone remember where…?

I think there’s a very specific scene where we see the photograph of Natsuki and her parents burning up (a flashback of some sort). Does anyone know exactly where that scene is? A time code in an episode would be helpful or a description of the setting where the photo was burning.

Unless I’m thinking about Midori’s photo. I think that’s separate.

(P.S.: Omake will be at least six pages in Word.)


1-A, 1-B?

So, ummm, can someone explain to me just how the Japanese classes are divided? Mai was in 1-A in the series and Natsuki in 1-B, for instance. Is it arbitrary? I vaguely remember a post about the class ranks elsewhere, but after a little bit of research, I’m just more confused. :P