Status update


In other news, the California Proposition 8 to ban gay marriage passed, and similar bills passed in I think three other states. That’s really too bad.

I’ve had writer’s block on an important Natsuki/Nao dialogue for a few months now, but I’m going to try to break it down anyway. Grr.


Well, goodness me.

A late “happy new year” to everyone.

Just a little update on the state of this: I had run into a plot obstacle so I had been trying to research into it. After all, I want certain setting aspects to be either probable or “quite possible” since certain parts of the plot are kinda “huh, really?”

With that in mind, I had been researching how Japanese corporations deal with each other because the b2b culture is very different from Western so-called ideals of capitalism. Yeah. I’m using Japanese corporate structure as a huge setting, so I’d like just a tiny bit of realism.

Honestly, one of my biggest pet peeves with people writing about other cultures in fanfic circles is the complete failure and disrespect to understand differences and realism. Oh, “Syncope” is hardly realistic, but I mean, for example, heavily using “yakuza” as a plot device in a middle school. It feels kinda cheap.

Anyway! This is going to be an interesting year for me. I hope it’ll be a good year for everyone. OH HEY, IT’S ELECTION YEAR IN THE U.S. THIS IS SLIGHTLY IMPORTANT!


Um, yes…

Finals long over. Had a short vacation; went home for a bit.

And now I have to actually reread everything to get back into the groove. Seriously. Be patient. :P This sort of thing takes a lot of planning and the correct mindset.

I may need to coax Muse-chan back, though; she must have finally wandered off into the wilderness when she couldn’t get my attention during midterm projects. ^_^;


‘Twas a poll…

Edited 9/19: XD

I finally found a hack that’s supposed to show userpics in the Generator style, so I’m going back to that. Yup! But I’m still playing with it. Such ugly code…

Things to know: One reason why I ended up buying a one-year subscription is to have the comment page styles the same as the front page. This way, I could show the Index links on every page of my Livejournal (in case someone got to a specific entry, in the old style the front page link isn’t that obvious and they couldn’t go directly to a specific section).

I also require “quick reply” functionality, and only a handful of Livejournal styles have this capability: Generator, Unearthed, Tranquility II, The Boxer, Smooth Sailing, Gradient Strip, and Expressive. You can see the style previews here:

The only technical problem with this Generator style is that the width is fixed. I have it set to 1000 pixels, thinking that most people are on 1024. I’m not sure if that scrolls or not, because my resolution is 1280. (To be honest, if you have a lot of horizontal scrolling issues, you REALLY should try out Opera 9. I love my friend forever for that.)

I think I found a hack that forces this style to use a percentage width instead of a hard-coded number (yay!), so it’s set at 90% or something. Hopefully that works a lot better.