I created this website to host my public fanfic project(s). Well, okay, it’s only one fanfic right now, but maybe there will be more in the future. Who knows? I still resist posting on FFnet or other repositories full of creepy people for now.

This material was originally hosted on Livejournal, but I imported all posts and comments here using WordPress, so this site still retains a blog layout.

I’m a “new” author in that “Syncope” is my first attempt at fiction writing of any kind; I suppose a fanfic would be training wheels. The purpose of all of this is for me to practice my writing style and devices and overall story development before trying something much more ambitious. ^_^

I will maintain the table of contents of “Syncope” and other projects as sticky posts that stay on top, otherwise older entries are always toward the bottom of the page. That means if you want to read from chapter 1 of something, you have to start at the bottom (or next page) and work your way up; or you can just navigate by categories.  I will continue to post announcements to my old Livejournal, but actual content will be hosted here.

Commenting: You should be able to either create an account to comment or log in using an OpenID–if you were registered on Livejournal before or any of the other supported sites, that is your OpenID. My email address is available, but I may not reply to all messages: kyanobenthes[at]gmail.com

* P.S.: I’m American, so I’m using American English grammar and spelling (most of the time).

* P.P.S.: I’d like to think this doesn’t bear repeating or even mentioning at all, but characters and major settings are copyright their respective creators; technically speaking, yes, fanfics break international copyright law (well, it’s the ultimate gray area in IP law, really). There is a fine line between “fair use,” which undoubtedly a lot of fan writers invoke without truly understanding the legalities behind that clause, and plagiarism. Speaking of plagiarism, though, it stands to reason that the actual strings of words I put together are mine and should be attributed to me, including other fictional characters not in the original universes. Just don’t take what I write and put your own by-line on it; that’s all! I mean, I put a loooot more effort into this than most amateurs, if only in the research.  If you got an idea from what I wrote, that’s great, and I hope you can add a little note about that as well. Ultimately, the good writers wouldn’t write fan fiction at all but create something truly their own, which is what I intend to do once I finish my initial experiment.