Status update


In other news, the California Proposition 8 to ban gay marriage passed, and similar bills passed in I think three other states. That’s really too bad.

I’ve had writer’s block on an important Natsuki/Nao dialogue for a few months now, but I’m going to try to break it down anyway. Grr.


3 thoughts on “Status update”

  1. Wow! You’re alive! :D

    A lot of us from other countries are really happy that he got elected… well most. I can’t say the same with my people; the more conservative ones were rooting for McCain.

    Hope your schoolwork hasn’t completely squeezed you dry. :)

    1. Re: Wow! You’re alive! :D

      I’m alive! Well, I suppose I’m a bit crispy but not completely dried out. ^_~ And 1.10 is up, so go read and let me know how creppy it is. Not kidding.

      To be honest, I had no intention of voting for Obama at the beginning. It wasn’t until he picked Biden and McCain picked Pa-!*@#^!-lin that I fell solidly into his camp. Good news overall, though I definitely don’t expect Obama to pull any miracles.

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