Just so you know…

I’ll be working with some extremely difficult and critical dialogue in the next three chapters, so I don’t know when I’ll get them out. Seriously. ^_^; On top of that, a new school semester is starting and I’m moving again, so I’m pretty busy in the real-life front as well.

If it may take even longer than anticipated, then I may drop an omake chapter to, err, satisfy some people. Maybe.


6 thoughts on “Just so you know…”

    1. (Did I leave any chapter on a cliffhanger? ^_^; Maybe I have a different sense of what a cliffhanger is, but I didn’t think any ending was particularly “bad.” Hmmmm.)

      Ehh, only one vote for an omake, so we’ll see. :P

      Anyway, off to do Important Things and play with the outline a bit more.

        1. You’ll get an omake…

          Muse-chan just blindsided me with a very original idea for an omake chapter. Unfortunately, it’ll require a bit of research (but it’ll be educational!), and I promise that it’ll be fluffy. There’s a good chance I’ll finish it before I finish a real Syncope chapter. ^_^;

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