Big empty house

Does anyone know if that big-house-that-Shizuru-took-injured-Natsuki-to-(something-about-tea-ceremonies) had an actual name or appellation or something?

And idiotic question, but Fuuka Gakuen… is that actually supposed to be around Tokyo? ^^; I don’t recall them mentioning regions.



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  1. The house seems to be a traditional japanese house. As I remember Shizuru said it belonged to one of her tea-ceremony students.
    Maybe someone else will know more about it.

    AFAIK it was never told, where Fuuka location is. Mai indeed was coming there from Tokyo. But Fuuka for sure is somewhere south from Tokyo, because the climat there is warmer.

    1. I’ll probably just refer to it as “the tea house” (heh). That Mai was coming from Tokyo is a useful factoid. Thanks for the note. :)

        1. I dare to say that it can be more difficult;).
          Usually classic tea house is small. The one Shizuru is using is really big. But maybe it is not classic.^^’
          So the name ‘the tea house’ should be ok :).

          1. Don’t make me cry. :(
            Nah, I guess using it as a generic term is perfectly fine; there will only be a couple references to it in the last two chapters anyway.

  2. I always thought that the house was actually the home of one of her tea-ceremony students, and that she just wasn’t there or something.. -pokes her translation of the series-

    1. You might be right. I think I still have the ep in question so I can check later, but I guess I’ll just refer to it generically for simplicity (who it belongs to might factor in later, though; hm). I suppose that obviously also depends on the quality of the translation. ;)

  3. The house belonged to one of her Tea-Ceremony students. It was not a tea house itself, but belonged to someone enamoured enough of her to let her use it as she saw fit. (ie, a normal human.) So, Shizuru was obviously the captain of the tea ceremony club. Who wants to bet that was the most popular and oversubscribed club at fuuka?

    1. Yes.

      But I certainly can’t refer to that blasted place as “random-student’s-house-lent-for-tea-ceremony-club.” (Hahahahahhhh) Shoot. On the other hand, I suspect I could honestly get away with just calling it as “that place.” Eh, I’ll think of something, I suppose. :P

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