1-A, 1-B?

So, ummm, can someone explain to me just how the Japanese classes are divided? Mai was in 1-A in the series and Natsuki in 1-B, for instance. Is it arbitrary? I vaguely remember a post about the class ranks elsewhere, but after a little bit of research, I’m just more confused. :P


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  1. um… I think that Natsuki was in 1-A and Mai was in 1-b… check back at teh earlier episodes to be sure…

    I know from watching shows like Gokusen that 1-A is the best, usually – but that the head of hte class can sometimes be in the class iwth all the loosers…

    Oh well, whatever.

    1. Actually, I had some “time” yesterday and rewatched almost the entire series, so the scene I’m thinking about started out with a shot cut to the “1-A” sign, then a classroom with Mai and the others (huh, didn’t realize Yukino was in her class?); then a shot cut to the “1-B” sign and then to Natsuki in a classroom (with Akane, I think). So naturally I thought the signs matched the shots of the classes. Unless this is all just an illusion like Sunrise likes to do.

      Unfortunately, since I went through episodes in fast sequence, I don’t remember the exact episode, either. XD

      1. By reading the official guidebook, I found some details of the characters:

        Mai: 1-A
        Mikoto: 3-G( she is a year younger than Mai…so it means junior school?)
        Nao: 3-G (yeah, the same class with Mikoto)
        Arika: 1-J (she is 1 year older than Takumi)
        Takumi: 1-J
        Akane: 1-B
        Haruka: 3-B
        Yukino: 1-A
        Shizuru: 3-G
        Reito: 3-B
        Miyu: 1-A
        Shiho: 2-F
        Aoi, Chie: 1-A

        P.S. by the way, Tate is 1-A and takeda is 3-G

        …that’s all^^ I hope it is useful for ya.

        well…I think the president/school principal(?)arrange their classes radomly….as there are MANY MANY students. And I don’t think the class dividing is according to their grade. (Mai is GOOD at English, if A class is the top class, how about Shizuru? She is a genius girl, but study in 3-G)

        …Hopefully you understand my words^^;;;

          1. i was thinking about that… i thought “Arika? why would they have details about her since she doesn’t even show up besides that fake movie trailer” lols


  2. In a non-elevator school the number would refer to your grade and then the number-whatever would be your designation. A lot of schools rank their students and put all of the top scorers and lowest scorers together. That’s the whole joke of Gokusen. She teaches 3-D, a class of students more likely to all be expelled than to actually graduate.

    Fuka seems to be a bit different…

    1. (Top with lowest? I guess there must be some kind of reasoning for this.)
      I was trying to decide how much emphasis to put on this detail later on depending on how important and/or structured the whole thing is, but I guess I shouldn’t do that since I’m not entirely sure how Fuuka does it. Thanks for the note. :)

      1. I just realized how totally unclear that was… I meant that the top students would all be in one class and then, in another class (probably waaay down the hall) would be all of the lowest scorers in a class to themselves. What I said was… lazy and misleading- but that at least means that my comments were being true to my very nature.

        1. Ah, then that makes more sense. ^_^ Thanks for the clarification. I wonder how often students are shuffled between those class levels as they get older and move up through the years.

          I also hate the English semantics of “class” being a course or a group of students within a classroom AS WELL AS the entire class for that year. Stupid. But I digress.

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