Sudden Status

Thanks to zelene2004 for the nudge and nonpresence for being patient and helpful.

Some quick notes:

-Updated the WP software and a whole bunch of plugins, so hopefully any technical issues have been cleared up. Also added a contact form in the About section. With login/reg troubles, I can also manually add users. *It appears WordPress updated to 3.1 only a few days after I originally posted this, so I’m back to updating plugins. If you don’t interact with the website besides just reading, though, I doubt you’d notice anything different. ………@&#^! Well, apparently in updating the theme, I accidentally overwrote the little custom changes I had made at the beginning. Poop.

-Never did complete NaNoWriMo. ^_^; November was just shetty; December wasn’t much better, since I was sick for pretty much the entire month with chain colds and a sinus infection. Fun! Maybe next year.

-I have a love-hate relationship with the last 1.12 chapter, which I’ll explain in another post so instead of bludgeoning it yet again, I think I’ll write another free-standing omake chapter to get my virtual pencil moving. I’m sure I had this idea before, but I’ll make it happen, grawr! It’ll probably be about Nao, her mom, and Shizuru, with appearances by Mai and Natsuki. Or any other ideas other people have—I know there were suggestions somewhere buried among all the comments, but I really don’t remember. Hmm. along with some history of this fanfic.

-I’ve decided to post a teaser chapter or two on More feedback is one way to keep me motivated… I wish I could disable all commenting on FFnet, but oh well. I’ll figure this out a bit later. It seems FFnet doesn’t allow my preferred format of “every other post is notes,” so I’ll just try to direct people to this site.

-I have the entire Mai-HiME series in my possession once again, so time for rewatching. :D (Boy, I’d forgotten how cheesy some of the anime was. And how good the music song was.)

I’d forgotten how much I hate Shiho. And the nun—UUUGH hate the nun! And… Mikoto. She’s… annoying. ^_^; I highly doubt I’ll add any of them to the story, though Mikoto would have the highest chance of appearing, but I don’t think I can pull off her idiosyncratic speech.

Ep 20 comments: I realized there was probably a scene error when Natsuki met with Shizuru and then pulled Yukino away. I find it weird that she would just run back to Shizuru instead of getting into the fray (looking for Mai etc.). And how would Shizuru get her school uniform out of the burning dorm building (first time Kiyohime shows up, saving Natsuki)? Also, I never noticed the First District sunglasses people standing behind chibi-Mikoto in the flashback after she killed gramps.

As of 2/26/2011, I have more fully copyedited chapters 1.1 through 1.6 based primarily on two reviewers’ detailed critiques. I’ll be waiting a bit to get on with 1.7 through 1.11 (mainly because I have this nasty habit of not stopping, which meant that I stayed up until 3:00am Friday night chugging up to this point).


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