Oh, screw THAT.

Apparently there are still registration issues. And PHP errors. Which I don’t get. So I’m opening non-registration comments as well, but requiring the usual name/email/whatever, and of course, I have Akismet installed.

The biggest problem with piecemeal software upgrades across core and plugin apps is that stuff will often break. Hmph. At least I’m pretty sure the contact form still works. I think. Huh.


4 thoughts on “Oh, screw THAT.”

  1. Hmm, Crossy did say that the site wouldn’t let her register… I probably should have said something back then… I think this situation calls for some shifty eyes:

    1. Shifty eyes do not fix anything! >_>
      <_< Well, I suppose it's "fixed" now. The only login-related plugin I have active right now (Akismet is only for comments) is one that compares registration emails against a database of spammers. Shouldn't cause any problems. ...Probably. ^_^

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