This is confusing as hell. Okay, I think I got most of it working. I still haven’t tried the poll plugin, but that’s pretty minor.

Uh, please avoid commenting on any other of my entries besides this one since I’m still trying to figure out how to fully import/format my old Livejournal stuff here. Of course, I’m trying to get an OpenID plugin to work so people could still comment with their old Livejournal userids too. Hmmm.


  1. Convert all entries’ internal links-to-LJ into links-to-WP. This will take some time. (Appears okay now)
  2. Test theme features, make sure everything works (e.g. commenting – login?). (Continue in live testing)
  3. Add thumbnails to represent old LJ layout. (Partial)
  4. Import/edit original About/Gallery stuff from LJ.
  5. Lock down old LJ posts and leave a link to here.
  6. Finish chapter 1.11. Post to site.
  7. Announce to…somewhere.

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