Uh oh.

No job now.

I also know one other friend who was laid off this year, one laid off last year, and a bunch of people whose job searches have been empty since late last year. My priorities are shifting a bit, so that’s fair warning that chapter 1.11 probably won’t be released this month.

I mean, you wouldn’t want me to hurriedly put together some half-assed shet for Haruka-Shizuru conversation, right? Not that Haruka’s side takes a particular amount of finesse… Well, maybe her talky bits take a totally different kind of finesse.

[si~~~~~~igh] Economy, please get fixed soon. kthx


2 thoughts on “Uh oh.”

    1. Well, it’s only been a couple of months since he took office. And it takes months to pass anything through Congress, I guess. LOL

      The biggest, ambitious plans take a whole lot of time, not to mention that a lot of the world economy hinges on consumer behavior, and consumers, uhhh, kinda get stupid en masse. I’m sure there won’t be a “second Great Depression” or such nonsense, but no-one knows how long this world recession will last. Geez.

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