Um, yes…

Finals long over. Had a short vacation; went home for a bit.

And now I have to actually reread everything to get back into the groove. Seriously. Be patient. :P This sort of thing takes a lot of planning and the correct mindset.

I may need to coax Muse-chan back, though; she must have finally wandered off into the wilderness when she couldn’t get my attention during midterm projects. ^_^;


11 thoughts on “Um, yes…”

  1. When are you gonna update your Shiznat story. Just to let you know, I’m still waiting for it. It seems like ages since your last update and I’m still hanging. I look forward to thee…

  2. Muse-chan, muse-chan, please come back…

    I think I may have to re-read it too, but it’ll be more than worth it to finally have the next chapter. It would be terribly hypocritical to tell you to hurry and update, so, um, take your time? …Gah. Muse-chaaaan…

    Ah well. I can force myself to wait. I hope you had a fun holiday, however short it may have been.

  3. I shall lure Muse-chan back with Shiznat fanbooks and deceptive Mai-Hime artbooks, and then trap her, by pulling the stick away, allowing the box to fall. It is BRILLIANT, is it not? Muse-chan, your days of freedom, of lolling about the pastures and frollicking with smutbunnies are NUMBERED.

  4. Hello! :)

    Hello! A belated Merry Christmas! A belated Happy New Year! An advanced Kung Hei Fat Choi! And an advanced Happy Valentines!
    This is a completely overdue question- may I friend you? :D
    May you encounter less obstacles and more enjoyable moments for this year. :)

    1. Re: Hello! :)

      Thanks, everyone. :)

      And yes, anyone may friend my account. ^_^

      Just so you know, I have a few rough pages down, but it’ll still take a bit to get Muse-chan settled in. She’s a wild one…

  5. looks like this fic is not really going to be continued in a permanent and regular sense…. better say good bye while i still can (before ths page goes down)!! good luck waiting everyone!!! the next chapter *might* come out soon… but what about the chapter after?…. not to mention its completion….

    good job so far kyanobenthes. it’s a shame though.

    1. Why, yes, it’s true… I’m not 16 anymore. I actually have full-time school, work, pay for loans, bills, rent, and–wow–have friends in real life with whom I have shared obligations, all on top of trying to maintain a specific quality of writing. You’re not paying for this Livejournal (and it is paid); you’re not paying me. I owe you nothing.

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