Nao’s mom?

Hmm, I don’t think I asked this yet. Is anyone aware of canon information (artbook, drama CD, whatever, official site, etc.) concerning what Nao’s mom did for a living or if she had a job at all?


P.P.S.: Have you ever edited a term book for four authors? I am. Mind you these are other students; I am not impressed with the language quality. “Wow.” I don’t want to be an editor ever. The stress and general annoyance might be insurmountable. ^_^


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  1. Sorry, I’ve never seen anything like that. But I don’t see many things ;).

    P.S. Oh, shi… I almost forgot :D
    P.P.S. Only zillions of letters. It’s kind of fun =D

  2. I will likely never have an answer to any of your research questions… unless you sometime decide that you absolutely have to know how the thematic material in Mezame foreshadows the nature of the story! And even then, other people can probably answer better. Damn.

    (P.S.) Nearly didn’t make it- but in the end it hardly mattered. I hadn’t paid anything and I didn’t make enough to have to pay anything. More meaningless papers to sit around.

    (P.P.S.) I actually really enjoy editing so long as people let me be stupidly picky. As you can guess, I’m not the most popular choice for projects anymore… which might be for the best.

    Well, best of luck. Your semester must be coming to a close. Mine ended about a week and a half ago. Finally a graduate… with a near useless degree… yay…

    1. Well, two “dunnos” from the series fans–that’s fine with me. Eh. I suppose the question itself is slightly spoilerish. DUH. Anyway…

      Wait, you know Mezame’s lyrics and meaning? Do tell. I never found the lyrics+translation/etc. when I was looking a while back. It’s such a lovely song.

      (re:P.S.) I got a comfortable refund, which goes straight into paying for more tuition and some loans.

      (re:P.P.S.) At least I can be proud that I’m good at something. :/

      Last week I got into an argument with a high school student about contractions.

      He insisted that “you’re” was a possessive, therefore his written phrase “your just dumb” was correct. Yes, he was born in the States and is a “native” English speaker.

      … [head goes supernova]

      Fecking. Christ. This country should not have an elevator system into middle and high schools. And folks, this is not “being picky.”

      On another note, I’m overhearing (currently studying for finals still) a group of college students working on basic algebra problems. To that, I can only think of this: (*This may be a British article, but the concept applies to the U.S., certainly.)

      Now, my math isn’t particularly great either (though I suffer more from performance anxiety than any actual lack of knowledge), but honestly…

      Maybe I’m just being particularly snarky lately due to stress. [shrug]

      1. Ah, I’m going to have to disappoint you… I wasn’t actually talking about the lyrics of the piece (and my googling earlier produced… less that reliable results). I actually meant the themes in the music itself. For instance the fact that the large body of it is a remix of the Ensei (sad things happen music) but it starts with a quote from the Tokira no Mai and makes mention of Natsuki’s summoning music as well. I can tell you that the title means “Awakening” and it’s used in an appropriate setting for that to carry through. Probably everyone knew that much though.

        Native, English speaking high school boys are scary. O.O
        Some college students aren’t much better >.>
        Actually, I caught a group of my professor’s complaining at the incoming students being each stupider than the last and far less mature. One commented that he had to actually stop his lecture to tell someone off for making animal noises…
        It doesn’t mean everyone, but it does seem to imply that general standards are getting lower. They didn’t actually need to get lower <.<

  3. info from the Mai-Hime game

    First, I’d like to thank you for the wonderful story so far.
    I’m really glad Nao is playing a part in the story since I feel she’s been given the short end of the stick. She’s too cute, especially when she’s making a cat-like smile in the game. I want her to have a happy ending. :)

    ** SPOILERS for the Mai-Hime Unmei no Keitoujuu game

    According to Nao’s side story in the Mai-Hime Unmei no Keitoujuu game, it is implied that Nao’s mom did have a job. It states that she earns money, but doesn’t say how she earns it.
    There is no mention of a specific job.

    Some more details:

    The side-story takes place after Nao loses to Mikoto causing her to lose her special person and powers.

    In the game, Nao doesn’t seem to realize that her special person is her mom. She tells Nagi that she has no special person.
    Her mom is also not hospitalized in the game.
    However, Nao’s mom was abused by her second husband. It doesn’t mention what happened to her first husband except to say he was not such a nice fellow, though not abusive.

    Nao says the second marriage wasn’t for her benefit and it just seemed that a guy who came to their house every so often eventually became Nao’s step-father. Nao was happy with living with just her mother.
    When Nao’s father-in-law would beat her mom, Nao would tell him to forgive her mom. Apologizing was the only thing she could do and she felt pretty helpless, but that only resulted in Nao getting beaten also.

    Nao says that the money her mom earned wasn’t supposed to be used to fund her husband’s drinking habit.

    The abusive behavior caused Nao to leave her home but her mom gave her a cell-phone which Nao used to occasionally call home. Her mom also told it’s ok to come home once in a while.

    After losing to Mikoto, Nao was feeling down, so she wanted to go lighten her mood but the guys she called didn’t reply.
    Then she tried to pick-up some guys on the street. One tried to grab Nao and she was about to teach him a lesson but remembered she didn’t have her powers anymore and yelled for the police. After the guys left, Nao also left quickly since she was still wearing junior-high uniform.

    Nao noticed she’d actually brought the cellphone her mother gave her instead of her own and was feeling nolstalgic so she gave her mom a call, but no one answered.

    Nao: “Wah…I can’t believe no one’s answering when her cute little daughter finally decided to give her a call.”

    So Nao decides to drop by the house since she suddenly wants to see her mother’s face. She was even thinking of buying a cake, but decided that would be out of character and seeing her daughter would be enough and heads on home…

    *** End side-story

    Hope that wasn’t too long,

    PS – Working in a technical field, I completely understand the prevalence of grammatical errors in the writing of others. I think it’s an endemic problem so I’ve just learned to ignore it as best I can. :)

    1. Re: info from the Mai-Hime game

      Thank you for the note. ^_^

      I did a little bit of superficial research on the game after you summarized it, but it seems it’s an alternate universe much like the manga is to the anime, so I won’t take it as canon. But I’ve come up with a believable situation for Nao’s mom, I think. Now to execute it. (I think I hear Muse-chan sniggering behind me.)

      (And I still invite readers to correct my own diction and grammar!)

      1. Re: info from the Mai-Hime game

        Sure, no problem. Sorry, I couldn’t help out more.

        The game is definitely alternative universe.
        I’d have to cry if the manga or anime were canon.

        A lot of the characters have tragic ends…>__<
        I felt tricked into playing the game because there are some really cute telephone cards of Shizuru and Natsuki and wanted to find the CG in the game.
        Sadly, they were promotional art only…

        The art in the game is very nice though.
        If you’re curious, I uploaded some:

        1. Re: info from the Mai-Hime game

          Heh, guess you’d have to cry, then. ^_^; Though I don’t know about tragic ends for the anime. I’ve never met anyone who played an anime-based game first before everything else; usually people start on the game well after the initial series, since I think that’s how it was intended in market. (Actually, I thought playing Japanese games here was a bit of a pain, too.) Interesting. They look a LOT younger in the game.

          I truly dislike the manga, but the art was nice. Storyline was far too different from anime canon, though. I haven’t met any anime fan who liked the manga, but I’m sure some exist.

          1. Re: info from the Mai-Hime game

            Apologies, I made a typo.

            I meant to say I’d cry if the game or manga were canon.

            I agree the characters look young. It’s the same for the Strawberry Panic game.

            Ah, well. I guess I’ll just console myself by playing more Katahane. That is a great game filled with cute, yuri moments. ^__^

            1. Re: info from the Mai-Hime game

              Ah, that makes more sense to me. ^_^ Were these games released to the US? I seem to remember that fan translations were necessary to play Japanese games.


              1. Re: info from the Mai-Hime game

                Sorry this thread has become so off-topic. >__<

                No, unfortunately, I’ve never seem a translation for a yuri-game.
                For shoujo games, I suppose you could just try all possibilities if you don’t care about dialogue. ^__^

                There’s a summary for Katahane at:

                Thanks again!

  4. Um, your latest post has comments disabled so if you don’t want any, feel free to delete this one. Just wanted to say it’s nice to know that Syncope is still there, waiting to be finished. :D

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