Note to self: When printing out over sixty pages of this thing, don’t nab a bunch of random pages in between while it’s printing just to see the quality of print… BECAUSE YOU FORGOT TO PUT PAGE NUMBERS ON EVERYTHING. Duh.


3 thoughts on “Hmmmmm.”

  1. LOL. That actually happened to me once. Thank goodness it wasn’t sixty, maybe half of that. I hope you remember what goes where, though having it saved helps. :P

  2. You know, I think my best ‘misplaced page’ story still has to be the time I had the pages for Mahler’s Resurrection symphony out of order. It really doesn’t help that I’m used to being right and am stubborn about playing what and where I think the orchestra should be…. Thank Gods that it was just a rehearsal- and hey, it was Mahler so there’s a good chance that nobody even noticed.

    Naturally my next comments are- good to hear from you and good luck with everything.

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