Nao’s mom came back… and was fine… right? ^_^;
I still don’t get parts of the ending, and I don’t think I ever will (excessive theoretical elucidation is annoying).


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  1. essentially, i think that’s what happened, but i don’t really know if “coming back to life” will get her out of the hospital. did they show her mom at the end? i don’t even remember.

    i don’t really get the ending too much either, except sunrise wants to give it a happy ending (?).

    to me, nothing else really mattered after that particular scene in episode 25.

    (i didn’t give out spoilers, did i? hope not…)


    1. I thought there was an indistinct scene that had what looked like Nao’s mom and Alyssa’s father, but it could’ve been other people. I can’t check. :( Eh, I have to assume that anyone who checks my journal has seen the whole Mai-HiME series. :)

      I can’t even begin to sketch scenarios for Nao’s interactions until I know for certain (or mostly certain) if her mom is “okay” or not. Alas.

  2. My thoughts are that if Nao’s eye comes back, chances are that her mother is out of the hospital – she was in a coma right, from an armed attack on her house.

    Nao was cute when she was little.

    1. I had a similar line of thought (of course, my mind would still stall whenever I tried to explain Alyssa reappearing–maybe Nao’s Eye Regeneration Power could be extended that much… yuck). Well, I’ll just say her mom is fine. Yep. Nao needs a little love.

  3. I thought since Nao’s eye was healed by Mashiro, so I’d suppose Nao’s mother was also recovered as well.

    Nao was cute when she was little +1


  4. I don’t recall anything about Nao’s mother after she came back. After the carnival, Nao only showed up in the scene with Miyu in the nun getup, the picnic scene, and the karaoke party. I wish something can explain why she becamed ‘Sister Nao.’ >.>

    1. I wish something can explain why she becamed ‘Sister Nao.’ >.>

      Oh, I think I’m obliged to mention this in the chapter(s) even if it’s just in passing. ^^; Too weird.

      I was thinking of that one dark scene where we see the man and woman from the back as they stare off into the night sky with those HiMEs off to do… something… to that star… Wish I had a screen capture, but oh well. It could’ve just been Yukariko and Mr. Bastard.

      1. Wish I had a screen capture
        As you wish.
        Free Image Hosting at
        It’s rather sure that hey’re Nao’s mom and Midori’s profesor (Yukariko is flying to the star).

        1. (Love you)
          Mmm yes, that’s what I’m talking about.

          Of course, without true visual confirmation… The biggest argument against Nao’s mom coming back “healed” is that Takumi didn’t come back “healed,” in my worthless opinion. I mean, come on. But you know what? Screw the inconsistent Mai HiME writers. :P (And “duh” on Yukariko. I tend to just write her off completely, heh.)

  5. Did all those little old ladies that shizuru massacred come back as well? I mean, there’s no way we could know for sure, but what does anyone else think? Does nobody think of the little old ladies?!

    1. The way I think about it is, only that which was taken from the HiMEs were returned–mostly green-sparkled people, perhaps wounds (Nao’s eye), perhaps mental state (Shizuru?). But that still does not really explain Alyssa coming back from the dead, so I think I’m inclined to ignore that. D: To me, dead > scratched eyeball, but whatever. Maybe Mashiro was just that powerful. She wouldn’t have a reason to restore the very people who wanted to keep the festival going, though, would she? Eh… I think I have to ponder about it some more. D: NO!

      1. Well, they were nefarious little old ladies, but still . . . it’s not like the last episode of Mai hime made any sort of concessions to narrative logic. I hold out hope for that veritable plethora of murdered old people. Maybe Mashiro just dumped them in a bingo hall somewhere and nobody noticed.

      2. To me, dead > scratched eyeball, but whatever.

        And yet again I completely write off Yukariko. She died but not in a green-sparkly manner, so I suppose that also supports Alyssa’s Return. Wow, completely forgot. That nun…. [mutter] ruining my idiotic theories.

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