I’m only about one page from finishing part 1.2, but I’ve come across a minor stumbling block. I no longer have access to most of the anime now, so I hope others can just fill in. :P

I’ve forgotten how people refer to each other–specifically, calling people by last name, first name, with -san or other honorifics. I don’t mind tweaking things for post-HiME-festival development, but I’d still like to keep them in habit for some things, at least.

So I need a list of who calls everyone else what:

(and anyone else you can think of, though the people above will factor in more greatly in the immediate plot)

Thanks ahead of time to anyone who can fill in the blanks in my head. :)


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  1. name calling

    shizuru and natsuki call each other by name.

    shizuru also says Mai-san, Kikukawa-san (yukino), Suzushiro-san, I believe

    Reito-san, probably Mikoto-chan, and Yokho-sensei

    Natsuki says Mai, Suzushiro, Kanzaki (reito), Mikoto

    Mai says Mikoto, Natsuki, Reito-san, Kaichou-san (to shizuru), Yukino, Suzushiro-san, Yokho-sensi

    Reito says Kuga-san, shizuru-san, mai-san, Yukino-san, haruka-san, Mikoto, and yokho-sensi

    Yukino says kuga-san and then natsuki-san, Kaichou-san, Mai, Reito-san, Haruka-chan, Mikoto-chan i think, and Yohko-san

    Haruka says Kuga-san, Kaichou-san but always calls her bubuzuke onna, Reito-san, Yukino, and probably Mikoto

    Mikoto says Mai, probably Kaichou-san, Natsuki, Ani-ue to Reito, Yukino, Suzushiro-san, and Yokho-sensei

    Yokho says Reito-san, Mai-san

    1. Re: name calling

      That’s exactly right, except for Haruka’s title for shizuru; when face to face, she calls her Fujino (or rather, “FUJINO!”) or teme/omai. And I expect that it’s Shizuru who’s going to need the doctor, so Youko would probably call her Fujino-san, too. Random background girls most likely call her “Fujino-samaa~”. I know I do.

      1. Re: name calling

        Thanks to both of you. :)

        I forgot about Nao (duh!), but I suspect she would just do last names… perhaps without honorifics, but that’s probably changed post-series.

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