For the dozen or so people patiently waiting, one reason why I’m takin’ so long is because I’m writing double length. :P So to speak, anyway… (It hurtssssssss-)

And to make this a taggable entry–did you know there’s a difference between Western mayonnaise and Japanese mayonnaise? I had no idea. I’m guessing Natsuki is addicted to the Kewpie stuff. I wonder how much more/less healthy it is compared to the American stuff. (I have to assume not too much healthier, otherwise I’d have to change my first chapter. I did read somewhere that there are soy versions of mayo in Japan, though. Hmmmmm. ;)) I’m actually more of a Miracle Whip fan myself since I grew up on it. ^_^; But after reading some of these articles, I’m curious to try it, though I’m not really conveniently located near a good Asian grocer.


9 thoughts on “MAYONNAISE”

  1. I always feel like a kid on Christmas Eve when waiting for your updates. =) Looking forward to your next chapter.

    I’m trying to remember if the tartar sauce on my McDonald’s fish fillet tasted different than in the US. I think everything (including the fries) was tastier; then again I could have been just starving for food that day.
    < grin >

    Interesting Tidbit: Did you know you can order a “smile” on McDonald’s menu for free of charge. =)

      1. McD’s Smile

        The employee who’s taking your order is just suppose to smile for you. I know, I know, cheesy. =)

        The smile item is actually listed on the placemat menu. It looks something like this:

        ^_^ ——– Free.

    1. Don’t get addicted! It might kill you… I think very few people in the world can maintain Natsuki’s body type with such a diet. Eek.

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