Mai-HiME anime art book 1: “Natsuki’s Prelude”

Although this is from an art book, there are only two images in 14 pages, and all the rest is text. I’m hoping someone will be able to just summarize the content–I’m looking for basic facts or implications and “canon”-type material, not leisure reading (though I wouldn’t mind that either). Woof!

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EDIT: Read the comments for more information. :D


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  1. the picture

    It seems that the last picture is one of Duran, who, we all know, is Natsuki’s ‘child’. First date with the big master dog ? Maybe. For what is left, the text and all stuff,can’t understand anything of written japanese, Gomen :\ Good Luck anyway,hope someone will show up, someone more helpful than what I can barely say.
    By the way your fic is cute and pleasant to read. I’m eager to see how everything’s going to unfold, but for the moment it’s quiet enjoyable, you can be proud even if my opinion is.. well..worth what it’s worth, and that’s all. Please keep on writing. You’re pretty good.

  2. Don’t know if you still need this, but it’s interesting anyway. I guess I’ll just do a (not so) quick summary of the “more important” happenings I found (translations in Chinese, I’ll give you the website if you want).

    This is only the first half of Natsuki’s story, the second half is in the second anime art book.

    The story starts off during episode 25, then there are flashbacks.

    WARNING: MIGHT CONTAIN SPOILERS! (just thought I’ll add this in…)

    It was ten years ago when Natsuki’s mom, Saeko, and her dog, Duran, died while trying to escape the First District. (So I guess Natsuki was only six when she became an ophan.)

    Natsuki, in her second year of middle school, met Shizuru, in her first year of high school. (So it’s 6 years in elementary, 3 years each in middle and high.)

    There’s some dialogue between Natsuki and Shizuru here, then Sakomizu joined in. Scene skips to Natsuki at a bar with Yamada exchanging stuff about the First District and finding out about the HiME.

    More details about Natsuki: Motorcycle’s the same type as her dad’s, but she hates him because he left her with her injuries at the hospital. Natsuki found out later that there were a lot of misunderstandings between her parents, but they pretended to be fine in front of Natsuki. Her dad had another woman out of the country even before her mother died. Then there’s the back story to how Natsuki got her Child, Duran, and her first time meeting Nagi.

    Second anime book: Continue of Natsuki’s first battle with an Ophan, etc.

    More stuff between Natsuki and Shizuru.

    Shizuru was only a class president before being Kaichou.

    (Information availability: Kaichou > class president > normal student)

    Shizuru had no intention of being Kaichou, she did that for Natsuki because Natsuki needs the more elaborate networks that can only be used with the Kaichou identity (and her laptop).

    Note: Shizuru won Haruka by a whole bunch for the election (actual count is in one of the DVD specials). I thought that was funny. Natsuki did suspect Shizuru for a little while for being Kaichou, but Shizuru smartly reeled around it.

    Then comes the part where Natsuki meets Mikoto.

    End flashbacks.

    (I just had to [roughly] translate this part…)

    Easily shook of Takeda’s feelings for myself, now thinking back, it was quite frank and cherishable.

    Following the close of the school, besides sending a short message “Thank you, and sorry,” there isn’t anymore to reply to Takeda.

    But, Natsuki still have another person’s feelings she must really accept.

    If she doesn’t understand, then she’ll strive to reply in her confused state.

    —-Well, I have decided the path I have to take….

    Even if that’s not the feelings Shizuru hoped for.

    Because Natsuki really likes Shizuru.

    Then some more stuff was said, the whole part being between when Natsuki left Mai and before seeing Shizuru again.

    End of story. Don’t know if this will help you, but hope you enjoy it anyway..


    btw, really like your fanfic.

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