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  1. I don’t think they ever touched on her mark but you can rule out where the other HiMEs have their marks. Some people like to speculate that it’s around her abdomen from the one episode where she lightly brushes her hand across it as HiME events are happening.

  2. See episode 11, around 5:20. I believe Shizuru was vaguely hinting at her Hime status in that scene whilst touching her mark. It’s not concrete evidence, but it’s something.

    1. I don’t have any of the episodes anymore, sadly (waiting for the DVDs to get on sale). But I’ll take your word for it. :) (Was it around the abdomen like the_firefly suggested?)

  3. they never really bothered to tell us where the rest of the HiME marks are, did they? we only know Mai, Mikoto, Natsuki, Akane, Akira (?)… how about Midori, Nao, Yukino, Yukariko, Shiho, Fumi..? does Alyssa have one as well?


      1. ooo thanks! i was actually wondering about their marks when this question was raised.. hm.. looks like Fumi, Midori, and Nao are still mysteries..


        1. Thanks also for the link, ifuritka. :) (I always type “Ifurita” T_T)

          For some reason I just keep thinking of The Omen when I think of Shiho. Heh heh heh. ^_^; Dislike both.

          1. No prob, Shizuru’s HiME mark also bothers me a great deal :D
            (lol, because it supposed to be ifurita. All English native speakers seem to have problem with these tk letters :D)

            Who likes Shiho?

  4. I have to admit, I’m a bit slow; when I saw that screen from episode eleven, I was like “OH NOES, Shizuru is PREGNANT?!”

    How wrong I was. ^^

    1. Ha ha ha!
      That’s not necessarily being slow, though; that’s a creative interpretation.
      Me, I don’t even remember the episode. (Maybe I watched it really late at night right after the dl finished. Uh.)

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