Here’s a more relevant question…

…for which I’ll need the answer later on, but was it said anywhere (anime-only art books, drama CDs, specials, etc.) just when did Shizuru become student president? She’s been at the Fuuka academy since at least middle school 3rd year, certainly. Do Japanese middle schools even have student councils? ^^;


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  1. i don’t think it says so, exactly, but considering how popular she is, probably her second or even 1st year of high school. definitely not before that though

    1. I think that’s a reasonable assumption. Considering she already had a harem in middle school, I could see her getting voted in easily by 1st year high school. ;)

  2. I honestly don’t remember if that was mentioned in the series. I do know that Shizuru beat out Haruka for class rep…

    … yes, I did pay attention to those rants.

  3. Well, the 9th DVD special features Haruka’s campaign speech, but it doesn’t say the exact time. However, both Haruka and Shizuru are in the normal orange high school uniforms as she’s making the desperate attempt to gain votes from horny fanboys speech, and the end result is (unsurprisingly) 817 votes to 12… guess who won?

  4. I’m not sure if I’m 100% correct with this information, but normally an election for the new student council president, who would be a second year student, happens sometime before graduation. Exactly when, I don’t really know. I’d have to ask a friend >.>

    1. Okay, I’ve asked my friend about how the student council thing works. There are no restrictions on who can run. First, second, or third years may run. (Though she’s never actually heard of a first year who was elected.)There are two terms. The first term is in the spring and the second is in the fall. The only people who can’t run in the second term are third years.

      Middle schools DO have student councils, and they run just about the same way. Though depending on the school, it could be a bit different.

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