Anyone remember where…?

I think there’s a very specific scene where we see the photograph of Natsuki and her parents burning up (a flashback of some sort). Does anyone know exactly where that scene is? A time code in an episode would be helpful or a description of the setting where the photo was burning.

Unless I’m thinking about Midori’s photo. I think that’s separate.

(P.S.: Omake will be at least six pages in Word.)


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    1. I thought of that episode too, but if I remember it right, Nao merely breaks the frame’s glass under her foot, and the photo inside is already burnt (there’s no fire when Nao is in her apartment). Maybe they just don’t show it, and I was mixing that up with Midori’s photo. ^_^;

      1. Ok, so here I come :D

        Yes, you saw this picture burning twice (or maybe more).
        Yes, in episode 24, with Nao in Natsuki’s apartment it is burnt already:
        Free Image Hosting at

        ‘It is burning’ in episode 18, when Natsuki tells Mai her story, with backslash:
        Free Image Hosting at
        acording to SS sub I use, it’s around 0:13:35

        And again I noticed it in MH special 25, as the background:
        Free Image Hosting at

        …it’s good to watch Mai Hime again :D

          1. Ha ha! At least it’s spelled correctly. :P

            Thanks a lot for the direct reference! Now I know that the actual burning scene is primarily symbolic as a cut scene within the narrative (since I don’t see how it would burn in the car underwater).


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